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How Wise Are You?

The wisdom of man, to God is foolishness, it's written;
And to those who turn away, His word warns they'll be smitten.
God's given us the Bible.  In it His plan's revealed,
And by the Holy Spirit, His truth in man is sealed..

Have you never pressed a button and filled a room with light?
Or, have you never turned a knob to find music in the night?
this simple act of faith, you opened up a door,
Letting in electr
ic power.  Do you understand this more?

This power had to be revealed before you were aware
That pictures, light, and sound could be transmitted through the air.
There's no need to understand what makes the current flow,
In your life it's very real; that's what  you need to know.

When I opened up the door to let God's power in,
I saw His Son, and felt His love release me from my sin
By opening my heart's door, He flooded it with light.
My heart is filled with music, by day or darkest night.

I do not understand it, but I know His gift is free;
And if you'll just accept it, your light He too will be.
God is a God of love, you're right; He's a God of justice too.
If you refuse His only son, there's no more sacrifice for you.

So while His Spirit's speaking to your heart, my friend,
Won't you surrender your will, and before Him humbly bend?
For if you think on even groun
d with a Holy God you stand,
                   You're doing just what Satan did, when hell for him was planned.
                                                                                                    Dawn Tucek 1959