This is Smoke, the kitten that was rescued by a friend after
 falling from underneath a moving pickup truck.  She was
 about 3 months old then.  Now, she is about 6 months.

 She is the sweetest, most loving kitten I've ever had, and I've 
 had many.  Right now, she is sitting on my desk watching
  me type.  She loves to watch the printer cartridge shuttle
  back and forth. It looks like she's watching a tennis match. 


This is Shadow, the shepherd mix we rescued from the Humane Society in April.  When we got her, she was really boney as she'd been a stray for about a month before she came to the shelter.  It turned out that she was obedience trained, and is an excellent pet.  She is now in good health.  We really love and enjoy her.


 Smoke and Shadow love to "play fight".  Smoke will attack Shadow as if she is a tiger.  She'll jump on her head and nip at her mouth.  Shadow is so patient.  She never tries to bite or hurt Smoke. You can see Shadow's tongue washing Smoke's face.