Dear Pastor:

 Last Sunday we attended your church.
    Your sermon was, "Okay". 
 You told of mansions in God's house,
    He's building for our stay,
 With what we Christians send ahead,
    Precious stones, wood or hay

 I heard you tell how we should love,
    For God is love, you know;
 And on this earth in service
    Our heavenly treasure sow-
 That our love for Jesus
    Might daily stronger grow.

You also told of heaven,
   And how Christians ought to feel
Toward earthly treasures vainly stored
   Where thieves break through and steal.
I thought you sincerely spoke those words,
And I felt your faith was real.

But, when the last song had been sung,
   And, the benediction said:
I left with saddened heart and soul:
   Is this why Jesus bled?
You see, no one spoke to us, and
   I knew your church was dead.

For if your hearts did overflow
   With love from God, you see,
There would have been so many friends
   To welcome my family...and
In that fellowship so sweet,
   We'd close to heaven be.

                     Dawn Tucek 1960