Honduras - 2001
Work and Witness Team
1st Church of the Nazarene, 
Point Loma, California


Map of Honduras
Our mission to Honduras was to finish a parsonage for a local pastor and his family in Comali.   Most people in the country areas are very poor, struggling with jobs, requiring hard labor and little pay.  It is better in the larger cities.  There is a vast dichotomy between the rich and poor.

Sayra (inset) is the niece of the Pastor's wife,
Junta.  Her parents are dead.   She now lives
with the pastor's family.
 They are unable to pay
for her to go to school.  T
he pastor must have a
job as the people cannot support him. Building
them a decent home  helps him do his job and
serve the Lord at the Comali church.
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The scenery is beautiful.
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The people were on the highways with oxen and
burros.   A colorful sight.

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The view from the highway we traveled each day
to the work site.  The countryside is lush green from
the rains that fall.  It is truly a beautiful country.

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 A scene from a ranch we visited.   The owners of the
hotel where we stayed owned the ranch.  They loved
Jesus.  They were wealthy in contrast to most.  The
hotel was primitive by our standards.  (we did not
have warm water)  We used bottled water for
cooking, drinking, and brushing teeth.

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Surveying the work to be done.

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The church to the left of the parsonage.
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The church was a simple one room.  It looked better
inside than out.  The children mopped
and cleaned the
inside everyday while we were building the parsonage
so we could use the church for Vacation Bible School.
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My daughter, Amy, helped rewire the church.  Her
husband, Tim, was the "electrician" and head of

This is the parsonage at the end of the week ;nearly
completed.  Windows were installed, a cement floor
and porch put around it, electrical wiring and plumbing
put in.  Doors were installed inside and out.

This cart went down the road in front of the parsonage
and church where we were working and having
Vacation Bible School.

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I took individual pictures of the children, put them
in my laptop, and printed them on my portable
printer.  Some of them had never seen pictures
of themselves.

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This little girl liked to put her head on
my shoulder and watch me work.

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Jesus loves the little children.
Mvc-588f-comp.jpg (60987 bytes)
and the bigger ones too, even me and you.
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One of our team dressed as a clown and was a big hit with
all the kids.
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Every child soaked up our love and we theirs. They worked their way into our hearts forever
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We had over 170 kids for VBS.
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Seven children received Jesus as Savior.

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School stops at 6th grade.  Then they must pay.  Most
cannot.   Tuition, uniforms  and book costs are prohibitive
for them.  Just $300/year for us to send one child
to school.  It includes a hot meal.

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The girl on the left wants to be a nurse, the one on the right,
a teacher.   Unless someone can sponsor these children, their future is pretty dim.  The home below, right, is where
these beautiful girls live.


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And yet, the people have a peace we often do not.  The sweet innocence of the children is a stark contrast to our children
whose souls  have been polluted by American TV and movies.

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The girls (above) call this "home".  Below is a peak
at the inside.  There are two rooms.

Mvc-362f-visitingahome-comp.jpg (22264 bytes)
This room is the tiny kitchen and living  room.  The
bedroom sleeps four.   They do not have electricity,
so mostly stay outdoors till it gets dark.

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Mvc-363f-kitchenstove-comp.jpg (17550 bytes)
The mother uses this stove to cook tortillas, rice
and beans, their usual meal.

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                              The team.


Photos copyright 2001 Dawn Tucek