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  The Butterfly

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When God made the butterfly,
  He made a picture for all to see
The miraculous change He can make
  When His forgiveness sets us free.

First the lowly caterpillar
  Inches along on a limb.
Without looking to heaven, he searches
  For food that will satisfy him.

His existence does not show
  The beauty God put in his being...
He spins a cocoon where he will hide.
  Now in bondage, he needs freeing.

Then one day he emerges,
  The sun drying his beautiful wings.
No longer a worm, his wings flutter
 We can see the joy his flight brings.

When we were in sin’s bondage,
  God sent Jesus to give life anew.
And when we receive His forgiveness
  We soar as the butterfly too.

                                                Dawn Tucek 1999