Because He Lives 

                                    "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in  the name of 
                                   the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God, the Father, through Him."


 I would like to share some poems and stories the
 Lord has given to me over the years.  The one on
 this page was written for an online writing class I 
 took in 1997.
 We were to tell Who we are,  Where  
 we live, 
What  we do; How, When and  Why.  

 This is my story.




  Because He Lives... 

I am a child of God, a joint heir with Jesus Christ.
        At age 10, God reached down and revealed His love for me,
      Therefore, I love Him, and have received forgiveness through Jesus' sacrifice.
      As a pebble dropped into a still pond sends ripples outward,
        His Spirit in me, sends ripples of His love throughout my world.

Because He Lives...

My world is filled with love; for God is love.   
       Grandchildren - joy
      Needy children - 
       Outer turmoil –
inner peace;
 The elderly - to learn patience; 
       Prisoners -
to learn kindness.

      Friends - to learn faithfulness; 
       Jesus - 
to learn forgiveness;

      Suffering - to learn gentleness; 
       Anger -
to learn self-control.

      I have lived many places…seven states to be exact.
        Tucson, Arizona is now my home.
      There is no lush green in summer,
        Or trees in autumn, blushing from the kiss of Jack Frost.
      Instead the stunted brush and cacti fight the sun for life.
        The parched land gives birth to plants as varied as the insects finding refuge in their shade. 
      And the mountains, the majestic mountains, are a perpetual canvas  
        Where God paints pinks, blues, violets, greens, and grays,                  
      As each evening, the sun moves across the western sky;
        Then silently settles down for the night.                                

      Owner, administrator, hugger, buyer, banker, cheerleader, mourner,
          Are some of the duties and joys involved in running our Adult Care Home.
      We are licensed for ten residents, and care for ten wonderful people.
        Assisted living is what it's called.
      Helping with daily tasks, meals and medications; nurturing,
        And encouraging an appreciation and love for life and God, is what it is.
      We are a family; owner, manager, caregivers and residents alike.
         All the joy and sorrow encountered in family life is found in our Home.

    I am wife, mother of eight, grandmother of fourteen, great grandmother of three.
      I love to fellowship with my Lord, my family and friends. 
    Sometimes, I like to be quiet and alone.

      That is when the Lord restores my soul.
   Foster children, taking in the homeless, the lonely, the bereaved,
      Visiting prisoners, nursing, Christian broadcasting, politics;
   Managing apartments, selling real estate,
      Owning and operating a pizza parlor and nursery school;
   Entertaining, dining out, crafts, music, shopping for bargains, decorating,
      Reading, writing, traveling, classic movies, and spontaneous adventures
    Are also part of what I've done and what I do.
     The computer has opened up new worlds, drawing in many new friends.
    Still Jesus remains the closest friend of all. 


                                Dawn Tucek  © January 1997