Cathy_ A Tribute of Love

  April 10, 1954                                        November 7, 1998


Daughter, wife, mother,
Friend; child of God.
Your suffering's over
Now your feet are shod
With heavenly shoes
You're running free.
Healed and whole,
This your destiny.

First born child
Carried in my womb.
One wonderful day;
In my arms, in my heart,       
Where your mem'ry will stay.
You know, like me,
Mother love is so strong.    
Would that it had been me

I would gladly have gone...           

...In your place

Suffered and died.
My pain is so real
Hot tears I have cried.
I now know a little
How God suffered too.
When He gave His Son
For me and for you.

Your legacy we take,
And pass it along
To those in need
Of a word or song.
We'll remember you
Always in love.
And see you someday
In Heaven above

Your laughter and song
No more I hear.
I miss your warmth
And holding you near.
I grieve my loss.
Shed many tears.
Looking to Jesus,
To calm my fears.

We will miss you
More than we know.
You nurtured our life
And helped us grow.
Taught us of Jesus,
His love and care
Now we go forth,
This love to share.

The family of God
Rejoices this day.
Another dear child
Has found her way
Your cares are over,
You've found JOY at last.
But, oh how we'll miss you
And think of the past.

Child of God-
You're in Jesus arms where
Pure love does abound.
Someday we'll see you,
You'll show us around
And we'll know His plan,
As always, was best.
God, help us see Him,
And in this truth rest.

   This is not goodbye. 
   Only "Till we meet again".
   We know it will be,
   Our God knows when.
   Till then we'll remember
   Your place in our life...
   Daughter, sister, friend,
   mother and wife.

                                                                                                       Dawn Tucek copyright November 1998